Takeru Sato as Kenshin Himura

After doing my role analysis on Tori Matsuzaka as Takeru Shiba in Shinkenger, I feel like Takeru Sato should be praised for his performance as Kenshin Himura.  So where do I begin?  Rather than talk about the synopsis of the movie, I'll probably talk about his footwork and his expression.  But then, I'll probably do his credit as Den-O (maybe I'll give it as a tribute to That Chick's really good review of Kamen Rider Decade to defend why she loves it) but first... I'd like to talk about this one.

During the movie's introduction, we are presented to the past of Kenshin Himura when he was still Battosai the slasher, a bloody assassin before he switched to the side of good.  I thought that Takeru Sato does manage to do the "stone face" expression at the beginning as good as Tori Matsuzaka's.

For footwork and fight scenes, I would say that he does them pretty well though you can tell there are some camera tricks needed for some scenes.  But hey, he really cooperates so well with camera tricks and the actual footwork he's so good.  I had my thoughts that his fight scenes with various characters in the show like  with Munetaka Aoki (newcomer) who acts as Sanosuke Segara and with Koji Kikkawa (who plays as the final villain Jin'e who is also one of Kanryu's men).  I just thought though that those fight scenes were very good accompanied by the different emotions he carries in every one of them!

Overall, I thought he did a pretty good job and he has improved since Den-O.  Maybe yes, maybe no I'll do a review on how he played Den-O since I considerably had conundrums with that series but I'll probably take the challenge in order to become better every time I write.


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