Tetsuo Kurata as Kotaro Minami in Kamen Rider Black

It's time to talk about Tetsuo Kurata's iconic role as Kotaro Minami.  I don't know much about him later in show business and all I know is that now he's an entrepreneur now.  But I can't forget the fact he's one kickass fellow who I'll say will always be in my mind as Kamen Rider Black/Black RX not to mention he's also the badass singer of the theme song!  So I won't talk much about the character but how awesome he is. Maybe words can't describe this legend.  Hmmm maybe I'll call Chris X of all people here. =)

From motorcycle scenes to doing fight scenes, Tetsuo Kurata was shown he wasn't relying on his stunt double Jiro Okamoto.  As I thought, his fighting badass while it's still him is one of the best things to happen whether it was in Kamen Rider Black or in the not-so-good sequel Black RX, don't worry I enjoy both series at their own respects.  Also I would like to give credit to how he really acts the part of Kotaro Minami whether it'd be in Black or in Black RX where the character got a "drastic makeover".  But the character plays both parts so well- the darker Kotaro and the lighter Kotaro.  My favorite face offs for him were against Jun Yoshida (Bilgenia in Black) and against Tatsuya Mastui (Tasmadder in Black) who both were really awesome villain actors for me.  Before he does the henshin pose and the stunt double takes over, he does manage to treat us to a lot of fists he can do himself.  He even does the funny scenes in Black RX quite well making us forget the darker side of the prequel.

Well old school fans were really happy that despite his busy schedule especially now he's a big time businessman, he still went for his fans.  In fact, he played both alternate realities of himself- Black and Black RX which really was the only redeeming part of Decade.  I just thought that the fact he now owns a steakhouse makes me wanna go there!


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