Tokusatsu Legend Hiroshi Miyauchi

Hiroshi Miyauchi... a name that will ring to much older fans. Yep he was Shirou Kazami in Kamen Rider V3 (his first major role), Akira Shinmei/Aoranger in Goranger, Ken Hayakawa/Zubat in Zubat and Soukichi Banba/Big One in JAKQ in which he portrays above. One has to admit, even out of suit this guy is pretty badass and awesome.

I haven't seen much of Kamen Rider V3 and I wish to see more of it, but even at a few clips where he's out of suit, he shows he's got the kickass power needed by today's Tokusatsu. What was even more badass he sang the opening song!

His first Super Sentai role was as Shinmei in Goranger. Well I guess a lot of the 70s kids saw him in action in this form as well aside from Kamen Rider V3.

As Banba/Big One it seems he was really the Super Sentai mascot. Hee hee, first Sentai white rangera nd concept of an extra warrior joining in later. Made me really think that during his younger days, he was badass and it seemed he didn't rust during the event of Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai where he led the Sentai Dream Team. Made me think, he's really a legendary player. Too bad in Gokaiger Hero 199, he never had a fight scene maybe he's just getting old but regardless, I would like to give tribute to how kickass he was.

I haven't seen Zubat at all but I would appreciate if somebody provides me some information on this show.

Later on, he went to play as mentors. He played as Commander Masaki in both Winspector and Solbrain. He's shown how he can fight even without henshin. He did return shortly for the last few episodes of Exceedraft. His last known role as another character in Tokusatsu was as Chief Counselor Miura in Ohranger. Sadly, he hasn't resumed any of his mentor roles during crossover movies and anniversary seasons.


  1. And what about mentoring Solbrain and Winspector? You forgot those Metal Heroes! I don't know if he did another metal hero though but still, you mention Zubat and not Solbrain and Winspector? tch tch.

    1. Well thanks for bringing that up. To be honest, I haven't known much of Solbrain and Winspector.


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