Tokusatsu Legend Masashi Ishibashi's Four Super Sentai Villain Roles

Masashi Ishibashi... well he's really old now but I would like to give him some tribute.  Now for some of his roles:

His first role in Tokusatsu was the evil priest Hedder of the Egos Cult in Battle Fever J.  His character became the Hedder Monster to fight off against the Battle Fever J group.

He played as the final villain Iron Claw in JAKQ.

In Dynaman, he played as General Kar.  This character was gag dubbed as Mel Fujitsu in the parody dub.  His character was called the "God of War" by the writers of Dynaman.  This is perhaps his most amazing role.

His final major role in Tokusatsu, sadly he only lasted until episode 29 of Turboranger called "End of Rehda" where his character challenged Red Turbo to a duel and died.  In that episode, he did his best fight scene with Kazuo Niibori who was Red Turbo's suit actor.

Yeah later, he appeared in the Gekiranger movie as the main villain which would probably show he still cherished his roles in Tokusatsu.


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