Vic Zhou as Chen Zai Tien in Black and White TV Drama

Vic Chou starring as the rather inept (and somewhat corrupt) police officer which is where the typical him is shed away and he is already... well not a comedic character but a serious character.  So I could probably compare him now to Qin Han or to Andy Lau with this role.  Moving on, made me think this character role he had is praiseworthy for so many reasons aside from the fact he could play the weaker side to the stronger side of the character rather well.  He and Mark Chao are definitely a contrast to each other- a somewhat corrupt incompetent cop vs. a hard-nosed close minded competent cop.  Whatever, Vic Chou managed to do the role rather well!  In my case, I really wished Jerry Yan played his partner.

In the scenes where he has terror, well he does manage to show his face rather well.  Made me think that his anger scenes were very convincing compared to that in the past.

One of the best improvements was his crying scene.  To be honest, I was raising up my remote ready to turn off the TV but the crying scene was so convincing I watched through it.  While he was definitely able not to do his part in Meteor Garden, he really IMPROVED big time with his role as Chen Zai Tien that I was convinced to sit down and watch the whole series!

He didn't get to do many action scenes BUT it didn't mean he didn't improve.  So he did learn to do a few fight moves rather gracefully.  So if he could dance rather gracefully during the disco scene, he could kick ass then.  Made me think that every step whether he was serious or needed to be funny, he really knew how to address the faces of fear and anguish whenever needed.  It was no longer the slap he used to receive of "Convince me..." which was in his earlier days.


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