Akiko Kuruso and Her Major Villainous Roles in Super Sentai

Well it's time for another Tokusatsu legends tribute.  I would want to give tribute to one of the best Tokusatsu villain actresses, Akiku Kurusu.  So what makes her so special?  You might want to consider she's really a badass I mean BADASS woman.  You don't want to mess with her!  Well here's a bit of tribute to the great dude the Fantasy Leader.

Liveman was a classic Sentai, yes.  I thought really that Akiko Kuruso as Mazenda is able to deliver a cold, manipulative villain with a combination of cruelty and stealth made her one of the best villains ever.  So yeah, Akiko Kurusu manages to define what it is to voluntarily lose one's humanity which her character Mazenda slowly becomes a complete machine.  Also, she does also portray Mazenda from her cruelty to her last minute redemption with so much passion.

Eventually there was no mistake letting her play as the manipulative Lt. Colonel Gara.  So yeah, I thought she really knew how to portray a very deceitful and vengeful character who believed she was the real Gara.  For majority of the episode, she played as what could be Gara's evil half.  After all, if Akiko Kurusu could really make a badass performance as Mazenda, there's no reason why she couldn't make Gara just as scary or if not scarier.

So it's not surprising that later she would play as Keris' human form in Ohranger and Giin's human form in the Dekaranger Movie.  Yup she really is a legend among the Tokusatsu seniors.


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