Keiichi Wada as Ryou/Ryuuranger in Dairanger

Well here's another badass you don't want to miss it's Keiichi Wada.  So what makes him freaking amazing?  I thought he might really be the strongest red ranger ever.  Moving on, I guess he was really a hit to female fans as well but that's not what makes him special.  It's the fact he's really, really awesome with all his fight scenes which makes him for me the legendary badass of the 90s.

In Dairanger he did have a couple of episodes where he had faced hand to hand combat with another Tokusatsu legend in Yutaka Hirose as Demon Boxer Jin.  Out of suit, he really knows how to beat ass.  I thought that while his big muscles are a bonus, what makes him really, really raw power is that those muscles really aren't just covering, they are really put to good use with every fist of fury he unleashed.  Yup, I really liked how he and Yutaka Hirose fought during Dairanger because the choreography is well out of this world and hard to replicate.  Maybe I should mention his final battle scene with the now with Rintaro Nishi who played Shaddam was also quite good.

Well it would be bad not to give tribute to his guest role in Gokaiger episode 34 which makes it all the better.  What's more fun was that he fought alongside with Junya Ikeda and they both had amazing footwork.  That special guest star he did in Gokaiger was really more than enough for me to pay respect to Dairanger's contribution to Super Sentai which was worth it waiting for him because his guest appearance was freaking awesome.


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