Liu Yi Fei as Xiao Long Nu in Return of Condor Heroes (2006 Version)

While I simply can't really judge the performances of Idy Chan or any previous Xiao Long Nu, however I thought that while I really want to see the Andy Lau/Idy Chan pairing in the past, I still want to praise Liu Yi Fei's acting performance.  While I can't really say it's spectacular but she really deserves some praise for her striving to improve.

Actually here's another... I thought she didn't really have much chemistry with Huang Xiao Ming though it wasn't a wreck either.  What I find really silly in the casting direction was that while the script has Xiao Long Nu as four years older than Huang Xiao Ming, the age difference between Huang Xiao Ming and Liu Yi Fei is a whopping ten years.  Hmmm... but to be honest I didn't expect Huang Xiao Ming to be that old!  But she did manage to act as if she were older than Huang Xiao Ming.

I've done more on Tokusatsu role analysis before, I might do on Chinese drama:

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