Natsuki Takahashi as Lin/Hououranger in Dairanger

Well I'm glad I have written my Reiko Chiba as Mei tribute, well it's to moving forward to another classical actress (now retired) Natsuki Takahashi.  So it's been many years since she moved out but I will not forget great roles even from retired ones.  Now I'd like to give credit to this awesome former actress for her part as Lin.

So you'll have to admit she's one of those who can portray characters that are elegant as a rose but deadly as its thorns.  For one, I thought she really knew how to carry her facial expressions in Dairanger as well as what it takes to be badass but at the same time, she can be elegant when need be.  That's not an easy challenge you know since there's always the "balancing issues".  Although I can't say she is super badass but hey she is badass.

Just made me think she really knows how to convince us you can't make Lin angry and get away with it.  Hee hee, just a thought that her scenes with the child actor Hisashi Sakai (who was acting as Kou) were also pretty interesting from the perverted side of him to when the two got along for the rest of the series.  Overall, this entry is to commemorate one of the greatest Tokusatsu moments ever.  Made me think that the former actress really has left a very good impression on me.

Next I might really credit Keiichi Wada as Ryou.


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