Tetsuji Tamayama as Shirogane/Gao Silver in Gaoranger

Well I just did some Gaoranger rewatching and I thought I'd give some credit to Tetsuji Tamayama's performance as Shirogane.  So some comment he's "pretty stiff" but he does improve.  So he's a sixth ranger analysis like I did with Shiro Izumi's role as Burai in here.  He is my favorite Gaoranger.  Now moving on.  I really thought that this was where he was probably still struggling to improve as he does have his stiff moments.  Again I can't believe I'm being mean (tears) since I guess a lot of fangirls were crying over the fact he got married last year on February 14, 2012 just like how Ayumi Kinoshita also got married last year. =P

I would say despite his stiff moments, he still does a good job portraying the guilt induced Shirogane who foolishly long ago wore the wolf mask of Rouki and became an Org/Ogre whatever.  So he plays the part of the loner who eventually later in the series, learns to hang out with the Gaorangers.  He does have some good scenes with Mio Takeuchi though their characters were NOT a couple.  In one way or another, I thought he really knew how to act but had the problems of being stiff back then.  However he did manage to learn to improve beyond Gaoranger when he focused as a J-Drama actor.  For his best performance has to be during the Ura arc since it really had him as a focus.


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