The Mysterious Disappearance of Yuki Yajima

Well there's really no sign of Yuki Yajima and so far, I think this will remain one of the greatest mysteries ever.  We've seen the line up of all the Biomen acting or not but where in the world is Yuki Yajima?

She was first seen as a guest actor in Sharivan as Bell Helen who lasted for a couple of episodes until her character was killed off by Lady Doctor Polter.  So yeah, pretty sad but at the same time made me think couldn't they just have let her go to Bird or something?  Regardless, she was moved away from Sharivan so she could play her rather short-lived character Mika Koizumi.

She was pretty much an interesting action star herself especially with her fight scene with Yukari Oshima in episode two.  Nobody knew why she suddenly left after Bioman episode nine, as far as I've heard it was very, very unprofessional that she left the show.  Some say that she was heavily insulted by the cast director and she refused to go on.  Another says she was pregnant which doesn't have any proof.  The other theories and speculations link to payroll issues (A heavy issue in the 80s Toku perhaps?) to which Yuki Yajima left out of it.  Or maybe she decided that acting wasn't for her and she just quit.

Regardless, she should have just arranged her departure properly so at least, Mika Koizumi's death scene could have been done been better or they could have written her off in a better way. Also, I thought it's sad she never had any more roles after leaving Bioman thus confusing everybody where she is but fortunately Sumiko Tanaka was able to continue what she may have unprofessionally left behind.  In fact, it's not even know whether or not she is still alive and some assumed she died from an accident though it's never confirmed.


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    1. I am the only one from India to know about Bioman. I have watched the first episode. I would like to know Yuki Yajima's whereabouts.


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