Vic Chou as Rui Hanazawa/Hua Tze Lei in Meteor Garden I and II

Before the gigantic launch of Vic Chou (plus I am hesitant to really do a role analysis of him as Liu Ying Fong, it was his BIGGEST failure) but I'd like to give credit to his first role as Hanazawa Rui/Hua Tze Lei to which I think he is the BEST version of Hanazawa Rui.

See the similarity?  Made me think he is really fit to be Hanazawa Rui.  So far his character required him to play the silent type character with abnormalities to which I think was necessary for him to do so.

I thought with Barbie Xu (who's his ex-girlfriend and how happily married), you can get to think that they did have the chemistry which was carried on in their actual pairing in Mars.  I thought that he really was still struggling to play with the love triangle between Dao Ming Si, Hua Tze Lei and Shan Tsai.  Regardless for Meteor Garden I and II, he really showed signs he could improve like when he slowly needed to show tears.  But it was pretty slow but later in his career, he went beyond this too easy a character to play instead.


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