Bloggers of Note Who One Way or Another Helped This Blog

Well I've been working on this blog for some time but it was left pretty bare.  However two special people gave some constructive criticisms that usually give a long way though they're not followers here so I'd like to thank them:

Chris X of Chris X's Corner of Fiction- Okay he hasn't been updating on his blog "Chris X's Corner of Fiction" which I love reading his critiques which at first inspired me to be more detailed and comprehensive.  How he helped this blog was simple.  It was during the time I was posting too much eye candy on my Super Sentai blog which was a mistake that he eventually sent me a PM saying, "Super Sentai is all about fictitious content related to Super Sentai, your celebrities blog is where the eye candy should be because you are talking about real life actors."  That for me was a lot of gold nuggets underneath it.

For Fantasy Leader of Valsag Fantasy, well I dunno what to really say about this awesome dude who knows a lot about Tokusatsu.  Pretty much, I want to leave a thought that private messages and chats with him have actually helped me out one way or another.  Yeah, so he did help me one way or another direct or indirect.  He does make constructive criticisms more on my mistakes in the Super Sentai blog but one way or another, he really did help this blog by mentioning some legendary Tokusatsu actors worth mentioning.  For me he's another dude worth listening to.


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