Daisuke Shima as Yuusuke Amamiya in Liveman

Well here's another classic worth mentioning.  So yeah, Liveman's still a classic to me and I would like to examine the recently retired actor Daisuke Shima.  For one, I would say he really can fight out of suit while not overly relying on stuntman Kazuo Niibori.  I would like to credit how he really does interact with his fellow Livemen or how he played as initially hot-headed and sarcastic to dependable leader.  He really managed to show emotions that well.  I also like how he and Yutaka Hirose do their interactions throughout the series... they're both awesome actors.  One, it's worth remembering that Daisuke Shima sang the Liveman opening song which still is a badass theme song!

Well it was nice of Daisuke Shima to actually reprise his role as Yuusuke Amamiya in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai.  Yup, it was nice to see him do his classic badass and also, the sword scene practice with Kei Horie. "How can a frightened sword like that defeat enemies?" is really his classic line in that whole crossover.


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