Daisuke Tachi as Count Radiguet in Jetman

Well it's time to talk about one of Super Sentai's greatest roles ever- that is Daisuke Tachi as Radiguet.  Well it's time to say, "Boo!  Hiss!"  So I wrote this article to disagree with Shougo B'Stard saying that Daisuke Tachi made Radiguet pale... no Daisuke Tachi played silly well and as much as he played this really evil complete monster well.  What made the actor so special was that he had that gruff, scary voice to play that incredibly evil villain.  He would later guest star in Kakuranger as a monster who wanted to marry Tsurihime (WTF?) and also in Faiz after some time he left the TV screens.  He's after all able to play the live version of Gatchaman Fighter's Egobossler well when he became the the biggest bastard in Chojin Sentai Jetman or maybe in the whole of Sentai-dom.  But as said, the actor himself is a really nice person.

What I so love about the actor is just how much nightmare fuel his facial expressions really are and his expression that I really freaking wish he were Shadamn in Dairanger!  So far, he has acted as an amnesiac Radiguet with much convincing power I thought that the villain was going to reform.  Every time Daisuke Tachi acts as a villain who throws every chance he has to become a good guy while thinking he's a righteous person calling humans as the worst bastards ever is classic.  So yeah, the actor, really, REALLY knows how to deliver nightmare fuel.  His conflict interactions with Kotaro Tanaka (NOT Abare Killer but Red Hawk), retired actress Maho Maruyama (as his character Radiguet apparently lusted after Maria for some crazy reason, he really plays an insane character very well) and with badass Yutaka Hirose really delivers every emotion he has- pity, honor, revenge, etc. and I would say that he really, REALLY knows how to act out a complete bastard aside from other legends like Rintaro Nishi.

Hee hee, for a closing thought, "DECLARE MY NAME!"  Daisuke Tachi!  Only Daisuke Tachi!  Daisuke Tachi-sama!  Now you will remember me as the greatest bastard in Tokusatsu!  Bwahahahaha!  Really, I wish this guy were Ryuon in Boukenger or voiced Doukoku in Shinkenger.  But oh well... let's respect this amazing dude for his decisions.


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