Jacky Cheung's View of Quality over Quantity in the Music Industry

Well I just read the article "Jacky Cheung Thinks Concert Album is Worth the Wait"and here are some things worth thinking:

"The production cost, from the packaging, to the recording to the filming is much higher than before. There are things like 3D, so the whole production actually was quite expensive but I don't think so much of it. We're not rushing to get it out there. We wish to have control over the quality of the product. I want my fans, or anyone who buys my concert album to think, oh they've put in a lot of effort. I hope they can feel that and continue to support our music industry."

It's well said and well done.  Jacky Cheung believes quality over quantity.  In fact last Friday, 40,000 copies of the new album were sold in pre-order sales.  Also he stated this, "I think it's a good thing if we have more "Kings of Pop" and things like that. Right now when I put out albums, or new material, my fans would do anything, to spend money to have our products. I hope that more good singers, good performers, idols would have that too, to have more fans to support our music industry. Then I'll be content,"  

Jacky Cheung despite his status believes that in the light of his fame, the industry will always need good singers and performers, not those who are just in for the money but really care about quality.  Yup that is it.  I thought of it that quality works over quantity or the wait is worth it.  Having too many projects year after year can eventually corrode quality.  Sometimes we need a hiatus before a good comeback.  In fact some artists who don't release a new album all the time manage to learn secrets from their competitors or the least, how to be better.


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