Jun Yoshida's Short Involvements in Tokusatsu

For one, I really lament that Jun Yoshida didn't do much after Toku (but I could be wrong) but one thing is certain, he brought in these two memorable roles.

Jun Yoshida acted as the "woman" High Priest Poe who dresses up as a woman.  So pretty much, I thought Poe was a woman as a child since I didn't really pay attention.  The character as called "Shaman Yda" in the Tagalog dub.  For me, this character was pretty creepy though at times, I felt like it was a Monty Python-like performance of Terry Jones as "Mandy" in "The Life of Brian" but the script obviously listed him as a man so the comparison is forced.  For one, I am amazed to how he can act like a woman without being comedic and two, if you don't know Shaider's story, this guy pulled a performance so great you'd think he was a she. =P

Four years later he returned to act as the really cruel Bilgenia, what I think would be the most cruel Showa era Kamen Rider villain.  As Bilgenia, he freaking rocks the house with portraying such a cruel character that is focused on killingKotaro Minami and getting the King Stone while the Gorgom priests always cook up stupid plans that makes your stereotyped Tokusatsu villains.  It was too bad that he had to be written off so Shadow Moon can show up, who in my opinion Shadow Moon was not as great as Bilgenia.  Fortunately the character type of Bilgenia was later integrated into Kamen Rider Ouja in Kamen Rider Ryuki who was acted out by Takashi Hagino.


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