Kanako Maeda as Momoko in Maskman

Well it's a blast to the past again and I thought I might analyze Kanako Maeda's role as Momoko in Maskman.  Right now she's known to be a family woman and retired and hasn't showed up on media ever since.  However the character of Momoko though she didn't get that much focus, the actress managed to carry out the role well despite the issues like her lack of interaction with Kazunori Inaba who played as Takeru.  But still, she is still one of my favorite pink ranger actresses way back in the past.

Maybe I should talk about that infamous scene in Maskman 20.  Yup, the whole episode showed how badass Kanako Maeda was out of suit and she was really kicking ass... even if it meant taking a whole lot of damage which was planned by Tube all along.  That episode will be for me her best development of her career as an actress in Hikari Sentai Maskman's course.  Made me think she really showed a little bit more of the definiton of "elegant but lethal" which I think she has defined it better though others had managed to do so like Reiko Chiba and Natsuki Takahashi in the 90s.  In the 2000s I might give that credit to Haruka Suenaga and Rin Takanashi though I don't think they are as good as this actress.  But still, she became responsible for really giving life to the concept of "elegant but lethal".


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