Keiya Asakura as Youhei Hama in Turboranger

Before I'll do an analysis on Kenta Satou, I feel like I'll give tribute to Keiya Asakura or Blue Turbo who is currently a hotel employee but still cherishes his days doing Tokusatsu.  In my growing up years, I'd say he really knows how to act serious and comedic scenes in a good way.  For me, he was another of my favorite Turborangers (second favorite Turboranger to be precise) though I'm still a Riki Honoo fan.  Also, I thought I might write to credit Hideki Fujiwara in his role as Dan in Zyuranger and Kenta Satou as Riki Honoo.

The whole amazing fact about Keiya Asakura has to be this- it's NOT easy to play a jocular character who then gets into serious situations but he's so great with his acting he does pull it right.  In fact, some of his focus episodes in Turboranger are freaking NOT FUNNY like in his focus with Modoku Bouma poisoned his character to the point of near death or where his character had a friendship with Suzunari Bouma, that episode was freaking sad.  Regardless, whether he had to be comical or he had to be serious, he managed to pull off a very convincing job.  I also credit the fact that he plays a character who goes from worse to better is no easy job but he did it with much passion.

Overall, thank you Keiya Asakura for being part of my childhood.


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