Kenji Ohba as Retsu Ichijouji/Gavan in Space Sheriff Gavan

Well perhaps Kenji Ohba's most iconic role... as Gavan.  So you've seen him as Battle Kenya and Denzi Blue but let's never forget Space Sheriff Gavan.  As an actor, I would say he's a freaking awesome legend in the 80s to the point he would return to guest star in his later days in Tokusatsu.  Now for his role as Gavan.  I would say that even outside of suit, it can be shown Kenji Ohba was both the stuntman and the actor.  So yeah, that's pure badassery.  Correct me if I'm wrong though.  For one, I would tribute that he really knew how to be badass whenever the situation called for it.  Also I would like to mention that maybe perhaps he was sent to guest star in the finale of Sharivan because of his popularity.  Yup that was really more than fanservice, it was a happy time for his fans!

Well here's Kenji Ohba with the Gokaigers and the "troll" Kei Hosogai together.  So I guess Gavan's too iconic that's why another Gavan movie was made despite it being two decades.  And guess what?  I really would say despite the fact Kenji Ohba is basically not getting younger but he still showed how badass he still is making him still one of the best legends of Tokusatsu.  Thank you Kenji Ohba for being part of my childhood!


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