Mikiko Miki as Commander Aya Odagiri in Jetman

So Jetman was a Gatchaman tribute, so here we have Mikiko Miki being the live version of Gatchaman II's Sylvie Pandora since a Dr. Nambu counterpart wasn't used in Jetman.  A pretty chick with kickass amazing stunts (well I'll do a tribute to Miki Masaki's actress in Gekiranger as well), I really have every reason to say Mikiko Miki should be credited here.  Her other credit I would say will go to her role in Dairanger as Kou's and Akomaru's mother who was also the wife of Shadam acted by Rintaro Nishi who I wish was acted by Daisuke Tachi.

So what makes her so special?  While she appears to be elegant and feminine, the actress can really play fierce when she needs to be fierce while maintaining her poise which makes her really cool.  Favorite moments?  Who can forget when Aya Odagiri had to whip Ryu Tendo into shape or how she is both caring and severe.  For one, the actress really knows how to portray Aya Odagiri's multi-dimensional personality and sometimes mysterious ways of carrying things out.  My favorite moment for the actress was during the Neo Jetman arc.  She showed she was really willing to risk her neck with just herself to free the supposed replacement of the Jetman.  In fact, the actress managed to convince me of how much better Aya Odagiri was than Commander Ichijou!

You might want to credit that she really had a very good interaction with cast members.  So far I've only done to credit Mikiko Miki's rather awesome performance as Aya Odagiri.


  1. Ilove mikiko miki. Im curious about her life. Little details about her.


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