My Favorite Leading Guys in Chinese Entertainment

Well here's a list of my favorite leading guys in Chinese entertainment and why in no particular order:

Jet Li- I personally think Jet Li beats Jackie Chan in terms of expressing.  Pretty much I like his acting a lot.  His best role has to be Wong Fei Hung.

Andy Lau- Aside from playing villain roles, I love him doing his protagonist roles which he did in the past and I really think he acts better than Huang Xiao Ming.  Passionate, romantic, he really knows how to act those roles.  Truly that makes him legendary in playing both types of roles.

Donnie Yen unveils Super Hero Films
Donnie Yen- It does take some time to describe him LOL.  For me, what makes him special is that he really can act as the love interest so well while he kicks butt though I still personally think Andy Lau can do better in expressing.  But still, he's got points.

Qin Han- It can't be denied he made some major blunders in his life such as his affair with Brigitte Lin.  However when it came to his performances as leading guys, he really KNEW how to act.  Regardless with who he was paired with, he really knew how to blend in with the chemistry.  Best on-screen for me was with Liu Xue Hua, Brigitte Lin and Joan Lin.  Currently he acts as a parent so I really hope he can be a parent to either Vic Chou or Jerry Yan before he fully retires.

Takeshi Kaneshiro- This half-Japanese, half-Chinese guy really rocks with lead roles.  Yup, I thought his acting is really the best in this list.  Made me think he really has excelled more in Chinese than Japanese entertainment if you ask me.

Vic Chou- He was really well at first not really outstanding but later on, he really managed to improve his acting big time since Mars.  He was sucky in Love Storm but later, he managed to show his real spirit post-Love Storm.  Pretty much a big improvement he makes it to this list.  I was thinking he does have Qin Han's type of charisma as well.  His best chemistry were with Barbie Xu, Janine Zhang, Erika Toda and Ivy Chen to name a few.

Wallace Huo- Okay nothing special about him at first but he did get better.  My favorite role of him was in 100% Senorita while he SUCKED at the fighting part, he managed to do romantic scenes well with Penny Lin.  He did improve overtime though in doing Wuxia.  I like his chemistry best with Sun Li.

Ambrose Xu- Yup I basically would say he made his characters in Lavender and Dolphin Bay really great and so are his succeeding roles.  I'd say he beats Vanness Wu in expressiveness.  For me, he even acts better than Wallace Huo as well.

Jerry Yan- Yup I can't deny he was my first favorite leading guy.  Passionate, full of feelings and in fact I thought this guy has Qin Han's type of charisma.  Too bad he hasn't done as much projects as Vic Chou did but glad to know he does still return at times.  Compared to Tetsuji Tamayama, he can express way better.  He and Barbie Xu could have done more than Meteor Garden but oh well.


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