My Favorite Leading Ladies in Chinese Entertainment

Well here's a couple of leading ladies who I like in no particular order.  They are:

Liu Xue Hua- Known for playing her lead roles during the 80s and 90s, Liu Xue Hua can be coined as "With those eyes that talk." and more than just a rare beauty, she really knows how to act her heroine parts well whether it'd be the fierce determined protagonist to the abused daughter-in-law, all the years before she acted as a badass antagonist.  Paired alongside with anybody, she knew how to be the top leading lady.  Hmmm too bad her husband Deng Yu Kun left us so soon.

Joan Lin- Another classic actress, Jackie Chan is lucky enough to have her and a shame he cheated on her.  She was usually paired alongside Qin Han in the past as well and she was also one of the best unforgettable actresses.  However she retired quite early after marrying Jackie Chan.

Yukari Oshima- Aside from villainous roles, you gotta credit her for being a great leading lady as well.  She really can act and kick butt whether heroine or villain.

Vicki Zhao- As Liu Xue Hua was stepping backwards, Vicki Zhao was stepping forward.  Yup, she had some major roles as either the important sidekick (like So Close) the leading lady in the Qiong Yao remakes (such ass he was Lu Yi Ping in the remake of Romance in the Rain).  You gotta admit she really knows how to make every minute last and her eyes do the talking.  She was also a great Mulan as well.

Barbie Xu- Well she's already retired from acting ever since she got married to her non showbiz husband but I would not dare forget she was one awesome actress. So yeah, she does seem to rival the talent of Liu Xue Hua plus she and Jerry Yan could have become an on-screen couple for Qiong Yao.  Made me think as Tsukushi Makino in Meteor Garden, she shows much emotion which really beats Mao Inoue by a yard.  I thought she could have also played Mulan as well.

Rainie Yang- Cute, charming and bubbly while being a great actress. She's funny when she's funny and she's serious when she's serious.  Whenever I see her, made me think too bad Rika Sato (who kinda looks like her) retired so early.

Karen Morris- Well she's now married but I got to admit she is also another of those great actresses I have fun watching despite the fact I barely find her attractive.  Why's that?  She can really act and kick ass.  I love her performance in action/romances the best.

Gigi Leung- Before there was Natsuki Kato who kinda looks like her, we had Gigi Leung.  Well she's probably retired from acting now thanks to her marriage and hopefully she will have her child soon but you gotta admit, back then she really was a kickass babe.  My favorite roles of her are when she is kicking ass, not just plain drama.

Chie Tanaka- Okay she is JAPANESE and she was the one who played Hoji's girlfriend in Dekaranger but she made a better career in Hong Kong.  You gotta admit she is a bilingual beauty with a talent.

Penny Lin- Beauty and brains, body, yup and she really KNOWS how to act any role whether bitch or not but she's better off playing "good girl" characters.  My favorite chemistry was her and Wallace Huo in 100% Senorita.

Angela Zhang- While she is anything but attractive but she reminds me of the girl I once liked so much as a teenager.  Yup, she has great performance in any role she plays whether serious or comedic.

Miriam Yeung-Ting- She really knows how to carry out feisty roles and tough ones.  Favorite role had to be in "Love at First Fight" with Wallace Huo.  She's a real bruiser with expression!

Esther Liu- I first saw her in Westside Story and she was pretty good.  In fact, she is what I'd call the improved version of Japanese actress Haruka Suenaga not only appearance-wise but also acting-wise.  She can express herself better in any type of roles.  My favorite role of her was as Sophie in "Green Forest, My Home".

Liu Yi Fei- Another of those rare beauties, yup I thought she does look like a prettier version of Liu Xue Hua.  In terms of acting, I find her really good so it's no surprise she was picked for Forbidden Kingdom.  First role I saw her was in Return of Condor Heroes though she had previous roles each where she showed she was a talented actress.  Plus, the fact she KICKS ASS makes it a bonus.

Michelle Chen- While I do not find her attractive but her acting talent makes her hard not to watch.  I like the chemistry she had with Vic Chou the most.

That's just some I can name.  This list might get updated soon.


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