My Favorite Two Lius: Crystal Liu/Liu Yi Fei and Esther Liu/Liu Pin Yan

Here's my thoughts on my favorite Lius, Liu Yi Fei and Liu Pin Yan.  In the past there were the two Lins: Brigitte Lin and Joan Lin who were paired with Qin Han.  In Chinese Paladin, they were the Liu Tandem though I doubt it they are related like I doubt it Liu Xue Hua is related to any of them.

My first favorite Liu was Esther Liu who is much, much hotter.  I've seen her in Westside Story when she was around 16 years old and I was 19 years old.  Yup she was smoking hot and I really watched Westside Story for her.  Just made me think she's a smiling fresh face that was so delightful to see.  For one, she is usually stuck doing TV drama and not as popular as Liu Yi Fei who she starred alongside in Chinese Paladin.

The other was Liu Yi Fei who first had a minor role in Demigods and Semidevils.  I also saw her tragic lead role in Chinese Paladin as Ling Er and another in Return of Condor Heroes 2006 as Xiao Long Nu.  For one, I really can't help but think that she's another of those rare beauties (but not as hot as Esther Liu).  At first, I mistook her shots for senior actress Liu Xue Hua's younger days at a sudden glance to the point I wish they could act as mother and daughter.  As of late, she has been doing Chinese wuxia films though she may also again do TV drama.


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