My Favorite Villain Actors and Actresses in Chinese Cinema and TV Series

There's no doubt that we should have legendary villain actors.  Here are they... from bottom to top.

Tetsuya Matsui- Otherwise known as "General Tasmadder" in Kamen Rider Black RX, this guy shows he could beat ass in Chinese cinema too.  Favorite role?  It was him against Andy Lau in Lucky Stars.  Wirework, footwork, this guy really kicks ass.  Hee hee, if you ask me I think he really STANDS OUT against Tetsuo Kurata.  I felt this guy was better off kicking butt in Hong Kong than in Tokusatsu.

Yukari Oshima- She was great as Farrah Cat in Bioman, after moving into Hong Kong movies she proves she can play more villains more lethal than Fararh Cat.  She can really kick ass as a villain where she was starring against Moon Lee.  You got to admit, she really knows how to play cold and ruthless villains with her kickass action.

Daniel Wu- I would admit I love his role in New Police Story.  He made Jackie Chan looks so weak.  In fact, I love how scary he got.

Sammo Hung- Despite his body weight, do not let his looks fool you.  He's one awesome actor and he deserved to have a Fist Saint in Gekiranger named after him.  I really love how he shows his amazing footwork despite his weight.  His best fight scene was with Donnie Yen where he was a villain in Sha Po Lang.

Allen Chao- In Black and White, he really knew how to act as a bad guy who could hide his bad guy identity until the finale.  One thing I'd like about this guy is really how he manages to act several characters in just one show.

Deric Wan- While he played heroic roles in his younger days, he has also played a lot of villains who can really inflict anger to the viewers because they know how to annoy the heroes.  Deric Wan does good at it in playing the scenes of his characters.  My favorite role for him had to be in So Close, Dolphin Bay and Twin Sisters where he knows how to make his characters those we love to hate though I still pick Andy Lau over him.

Hu Jun- In Hua Mulan, he really knows how to play the menacing Men Du, the adopted son of the Rouran leader.  I just love his expression in that film going really vicious and playing as an extremely cruel villain.  It's no surprise he can play as the Hua Mulan main villain because of one thing- he had played several heroic characters in the past!

Zhen Xiu Zhen- Boy you should really find this actress amazing.  In Meteor Garden she knows how to act as a major big time bitch.  Favorite scene?  It's every time she becomes a deadly opposition to the heroine acted by Barbie Xu.  Just made me think... she really knows how to act scary when she needs to.   In fact, I really say she was the show stealer in Meteor Garden considering how good her actress is.  When she acts as a good person, we all pity her and when she acts as an evil person, we all wanna strangle her.

Liu Xue Hua- There's no doubt SHE IS LEGENDARY.  You got to see her performance in Yun Niang as the wicked mother-in-law (and yup that laugh of hers is really scary) or two, in Miracle Healers she is one bitch of a queen mother and a wicked witch who only cares about herself.  Truly she knows how to play menacing figures.  I'd love to see her play another dangerous villain again, maybe this time with her bitching out like that against the protagonists.

Andy Lau- Okay here's another legendary actor who plays both good guys and bad guys.  In "Internal Affairs" he is an anti-villain who is a corrupt cop but he does play that well.  As Emperor Hong Hei well I'd say he really commands the voice of a manipulative leader.  Any villain role he plays, he really does it very well and he's my top favorite villain actor that I really wished he appeared in Dolphin Bay and Twin Sisters doing Deric Wan's roles.


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