My Thoughts on Esther Liu Then and Now

Esther Liu is the other Liu I admire.  So far, I think she is the hotter version of the Japanese hottie Haruka Suenaga (who I discovered later after her).  Well here's how I discovered her...

I first remembered her in Westside Story which might fool anyone into believing it's J-Drama at the first glance.  Yup, it looked like it and Tony Sun does dress up like a Heisi Rider.  She was 15 and I was 18 when that show started.

In Chinese Paladin she had a minor role as Ling Er's best friend.  She was really hot in here.  Made me think she is a real China doll.  In fact, I find her hotter than Liu Yi Fei.  In my case I really want to see a pairing between her and Jerry Yan or Vic Chou despite the huge age gap they have.

Although as of late, she seems too focused on normal TV drama than Wuxia which can be disappointing.  But at the same time, I didn't mind about it in "Green Forest, My Home" and "Mr. Fighting" (where she was paired again with Tony Sun the second time round) though she was really playing a character older than she was.  She later starred alongside Pace Wu in a more mature role as single mother in The Concerto.  I wonder what TV drama will suit her next?


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