My Thoughts on Liu Yi Fei Then and Now

Liu Yi Fei was among the younger actresses that caught my attention while I was viewing Chinese cinema.  While it all started with F4, 5566 and well eventually there was Esther Liu.  For Liu Yi Fei, she was sort of a unique beauty with her childlike innocence but at the same time, she can have cold staring glare when needed for the role. Also I think she does look like a younger version of Liu Xue Hua, only prettier.

I enjoy seeing her roles doing Wuxia though I was thinking I want to see her role in "Story of a Noble Family" to see how she does her roles in a republican era.  I've seen Return of Condor Heroes as Xiao Long Nu, in Chinese Paladin as Ling Er and as a minor character as Wang Yu Yan in Demigods and Semi Devils.  The first time I saw her, I really found her pretty though not as pretty as Liu Pin Yan but she eventually gained more popularity.

It's not also very surprising she is a cover girl for Zdorzi, China Jewelry and other brands.  She is after all a unique beauty who can be easy to work with.  I really find many of her modeling pictures to be really, really hot.

Lately I also thought about it that with her role in action moves, I was also glad to see her in "Forbidden Kingdom" where she was struggling to speak English.  She also had her roles in lovey dovey movies where she doesn't kick butt like Love of May (with Wilson Chen) and Love in Disguise (with Alexander Wang).  As far as I thought, it seems she's always paired with guys much older than she is so...

You could consider pairing her with either Jerry Yan and Vic Chou for their a Wuxia series/movie or a Qiong Yao movie.

Or they might consider casting Liu Xue Hua as her mother some other time.


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