My Thoughts on Rin Takanashi Then and Now

As a fan of Tokusatsu, I remembered watching some newer Sentai even after some time I had a hard time accepting them.  So pretty much, I remembered Gaoranger then Hurricanger, but one thing was certain I really found Rin Takanashi really blazing though she had her first role in Goth which I am yet to see.  Moving on...

Before she had her role as Mako Shiraishi, I discovered she had various roles in variety shows such as Doki Doki TV.  Yup I was surprised to know she could cook though I doubt it she is five star material, then again maybe she is.  She was probably popular in Doki Doki TV due to her gorgeous appearance and her talent.  But as far as concerned, she is a very feminine talent for me.

Her first major series role was in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger as Mako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink which was the first time I saw her.  My impression of her was that she really had that unique beauty but that's all a bonus.  Pretty much, she was still probably struggling for the first few parts to do better with her acting but she was definitely doing a good job even at the start.  But a guilt trip at first, I was simply drooling over her beauty at first in Shinkenger though later, I learned to appreciate her constant improvement as an actress throughout the shows.  So pretty much, she was a good actress considering she had some minor roles before in J-Drama before she entered into Tokusatsu.  She also appeared in the post-series Kamen Rider W special as Mina and doing some other roles in TV and drama which I need to do more research about.  She reminds me of my childhood crush on Amy Jo Johnson.  I would say she is very overrated, I like her as an actress but there are still always people better than she is.  Her character Mako was pretty much that popular but maybe only due to her good looks which is a bad thing failing to credit her strengths (good acting) and weaknesses (she tends to be too feminine at times).  She could be a throwback for me to 80s-90s fanboys of Super Sentai like Kanako Maeda (Momoko of Maskman), Noriko Kinohara (Haruna of Turboranger), Reiko Chiba (Mei of Zyuranger), Natsuki Takahashi (Lin of Dairanger) or maybe for Power Rangers fanboys and she does bear a similarity to classic hottie Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly of MMPR) but the hotter version.  In terms of acting performance, I'd compare her to Amy Jo Johnson instead of the better ones I just mentioned.

On the other hand, I would say she is very overrated among my list of favorites.  I would admit that most people may have credited her for her gorgeous appearance rather than her being a decent actress who plays her roles the best she can.  Maybe the actress herself is the reason why the character Mako Shiraishi is very popular (to which she was able to portray a bad cook when she isn't).  I jsut thought that she's probably very overrated due to her being really gorgeous which reminds me of the 90s Amy Jo Johnson fandom.  I would even dare say she became the new Amy Jo Johnson or she is the Amy Jo Johnson of Japan which is JUST me calling her that.  Like Amy Jo Johnson, she has the sweet innocent looking beauty.

It's not surprising Rin Takanashi has other endorsements post-Shinkenger.  Above is a picture of her doing Starbucks.  I just wonder if she'll also release her own album soon.

At the same time, she had other roles like Akiko in Like Someone in Love which I just thought was a challenge due to the fact her character was a prostitute.  The role felt disgusting to me considering her character was serving a client that's way older than she is.

Maybe her most challenging role was during the movie she had with Tori Matsuzaka (as his bitchy lover) where she is the bitchy character to Emi Takei in "Love for Beginners".  Much different than Mako Shiraishi, Arisa Yamauchi is a bitch character.  Hmmm I wouldn't be surprised if she'll soon be cast as a female villain for Tokusatsu which I am hoping for to happen, preferably somebody like Ahames in Changeman.  I am yet to see the film but based on clips, she really knew how to play the bitch. Hee hee, I thought she could play a seductress some other time but it doesn't have to be a rated M movie.  I also thought she could have played Kaoru Kamiya with Tori Matsuzaka as Kenshin but, she does have a weakness when it comes to acting crude characters.  Seldom I felt like the way she acted Mako out was way too feminine at times.

Well she's got her first leading role in the J-Drama series Houkago Groove who was a physical education teacher named Makoto Kiryu who started off as a bad girl but moved to a new direction.  But in the process, her character is stuck with one hilarious mishap after the other.  So far, maybe she might focus on J-Drama rather than make a short return to Tokusatsu... though I wish she can act as a super villain for once that I'd dare to make the lives of the protagonists miserable or the least is to guest star as the monster of the week for any Kamen Rider or be a lead villain.


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