Rintaro Nishi as Shadam in Dairanger

Another worth remembering moment is Rintaro Nishi in Gosei Sentai Dairanger.  I am also now drafting for Joji Nakata who was both Flashman's Kaura and the great evil Bias in Liveman.  But let's give another round of applause for Rintaro Nishi who I personally wish will make more guest appearances in Tokusatsu.  So what makes his role as Shadam so special?  Though I personally wished that this role was played by Daisuke Tachi but still, this guy Rintaro Nishi is still an awesome actor.  So what did I think about him?

I would be a fool not to credit his interaction with characters in Dairanger.  He appeared to work alongside two other legends namely Akiko Amamatsuri and Maroshi Taruma who played as Gara and Zydos and wow that team as VERY intimidating.  His role as Lt. Colonel Shaddam makes him really a menace. So yeah, he does also face the Dairangers a lot and I'd also credit how he portrays conflict with everyone including the Gorma.  Every time he appeared, boy you'd want to strangle him because his character is really uncaring for his sons and he doesn't care about anyone at all. I'll probably complain that he didn't have much interaction with Mikiko Miko but, hey the scene's so awesome I can look past some flaws.  No show is perfect and Dairanger was for me a show that was full of mysteries and surprises.  I might even credit his conflicts with Keiichi Wada were also well-played and I love both actors.  I just love how he played the insane Shadam in the finale and how he played his dying part when his character was ultimately defeated by Keiichi Wada's character Ryou.

As of late, here's a picture of the actor Rintaro Nishi (who's doing more voice roles) together with his wife and a friend.  So pretty much, yous till gotta owe his role as Shadam!


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