Sayuri Uchida as Ako Hayasaka in Jetman

Here's another tribute to my favorite Jetman girl, Ako Hayasaka.  Now for the actress Sayuri Uchida who I believe has gone retired.  So I wonder who she's even married to but for one, she did appear in Kosoku Sentai Turboranger as a  guest before her major role here and later in Gaoranger as a guest.  For me, she was one of my childhood crushes with how she portrayed the cute and bubbly Ako Hayasaka.

So maybe I'll just say that Sayuri Uchida might be the answer to having a female version of Issei Hirota.  Maybe not.  But for one thing, I really enjoyed her performances in Jetman going from the silly to the serious whenever it was needed.  I'd even credit her acting is better than that of Rika Kishida for me.  So yeah, she might actually be older than her role in Jetman but the way she pulls out her role as a High School student was just so awesome along with a few comedic quirks.  I might also add she really knows how to blend in with her seniors with no exception or how she does dramatic scenes, she can still do it.  Like I can NEVER forget her Pooh-tan episode, that episode drove me into tears with her performance or the episode when she lost her voice and had to hide her secret from a friend.


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