Sumiko Tanaka as Jun Yabuki/Yellow Four II in Bioman

Okay here's another tribute worth mentioning... after the rather unprofessional departure of Yuki Yajima, fortunately Bioman was able to find her replacement in the person of Sumiko Tanaka who played all the way from episode 11 until the finale as Jun Yabuki.  How Jun and Mika are related was never specified, perhaps just distant relatives as there are many others who were descendants of the original five.  Moving on, what does make Sumiko Tanaka so special?  I thought that playing her character who was to replace the late Mika Koizumi and introducing her ARCHERY made some more fun factors to watch.  I thought that her archery is probably one of the most badass features during her tenure in Bioman.  She also had an interesting chemistry with Ryosuke Sakamato though their characters were never a couple in Bioman, just some teases.

According to the Fantasy Leader, Sumiko Tanaka was a member of the Japan Action Club. So far, she has done a lot and I mean a LOT of stunts during Bioman which was too bad she didn't have an intense fight scene with Yukari Oshima.  But moving on, I thought most of her stunts were really beating the rest of the Biomen in it.  My favorite focus episodes of her usually involve when she was really doing a lot of out of suit fighting and attacking which proves she can really kick ass.  So she really proved she was more than enough to fill the shoes that was left behind by Yuki Yajima.  Pretty much, it's too bad she hasn't done any guest starring as of recent probably due to her decision to professionally retire which I can respect.  Though it would be nice of her to show up every now and then like she does sometimes to fan events with her family to show how she supports Super Sentai.


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