The Hong Kong Actors and Actresses Who the Fist Saints in Gekiranger Were Based From

Just for fun... I decided to post the real actors and actresses the Fist Saints in Gekiranger were based from:

Jet Li was used for Bat Li.  Jet Li was good with acrobatics so I guess it's no surprise that a bat was used.

Donnie Yen unveils Super Hero Films
Donnie Yen was used for Gorie Yen.  I don't know why they chose a gorilla for the fist saint named after this guy.

Jackie Chan was used for Sharkie Chan.  Jackie Chan had a fight with a shark in First Strike.  Reference to that anyone?

Sammo Hung as Elephan Kambo.  Well the character was made a pevert seeing Sammo Hung had also played perverted roles in the past.  Sammo Hung was also once having the tag "strong as an elephant".

Yuen Biao as Pyon Piao.  I can't say much about this though why a gazelle was even used.  

Michelle Yeoh as Michelle Peng.  Both were badass females though I can't see why they used a penguin.

The late Bruce Lee as Brusa E for the Gekiranger vs. Boukenger movie is VERY self-explanatory.

It's no wonder why also that the Gekiranger movie took place in Hong Kong.


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