Tokusatsu Legend Hiroshi Watari

Hiroshi Watari... the words Sharivan and Spielban come into our heads.  Well so what's so special about him?  Well he's definitely still one awesome legend.

He had a partnership with Tokusatsu legend Kenji Ohba.  After Kenji Ohba played as the main hero in Gavan, he proceeded to play the protagonist in Sharivan as Den Iga.  Yup, that was an amazing show though I wish I saw more of it.  During Sharivan, he also had a cool sparring scene with Kenji Ohba in the finale before their characters proceeded to finish off Madou's big bad Demon King Psycho once and for all.  During this time, he shortly worked with Yuki Yajima before she ran off into obscurity for some reason.

Apparently the reception of his performance in Sharivan went so well he became Yousuke Jou the main hero in Spielban.  Yup, that's right a good performance means a lot of praise.  Shougo B'Stard even wanted him to be Red Hawk in Jetman but the part went to Kotaro Tanaka but not the one who played as Mikoto Nakadai.  It was here he worked alongside other legends like Soga Machiko who was the main antagonist.

Eventually he had a short appearance in Boukenger as Eiji's father though too bad it was more of a flashback and he wasn't kicking ass.


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