Yuki Nagata as Haruka/Yellow Mask in Maskman

Before Thuy Trang actually came to become the first Yellow Ranger of Power Rangers, one noteworthy actress (fortunately she is still alive though he has retired) is Yuki Nagata who played as Haruka in Maskman.  Sometimes I am tempted to say her action scenes even exceeds that of the others even my personal favorite Kazunori Inaba who played as Red Mask.  I thought she really, really managed to relive the badass of Sumiko Tanaka and show she really, really KICKS ASS very hard.  Pretty much, she really is a tough girl.

She had some interesting fight scenes with Koari Kubota who played her rival character Fuumin.  In fact, I really thought she does match up to the standards of Yukari Oshima and Sumiko Tanaka.  In fact, I would always say I freaking love her footwork and focus episodes.  Sadly she can get overfocused but she does deliver a lot of punches literally.  Her role as a ninja who was pretty much a tomboy in gesture but woman at heart was carried out well aside from the fact she really beats out a lot of people out of suit.  I just love how she does every episode with her focus whether it's her alone or the girl power episodes.  Too bad though she didn't have much projects after that and from what I heard, she is currently married.


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