Get Well Soon Tori Matsuzaka!

You can read here but please do read with an English translator if you can't read Japanese.

Tori Matsuzaka has contacted pneumonia.  Yup, that's kinda bad and he needs some rest due to the infection.  So fans, if you are fans DO NOT disturb his hospital treatment.  Let him rest now and some things like the cancellation of the fan event are meant to happen.


  1. every fan has sent him messages via his blog and his line wishing him , also he was absent from the new taiga nhk drama he has been casted in

    they said several days but i hope he rests for a few weeks , they said its not serious , thank god cause it did get me worried when i read Pneumonia .

    hes working to hard, even though he kind of had a vaction but it was for his calender so yeah

    1. Well thanks for dropping by yamapirocks27. For one, I'm a fan of Shinkenger while I am actually three years older than he is. I hope this will also encourage him.


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