Hirohisa Nakata

Here's another of those Tokusatsu legends we can't forget for 90s kids.  So here he is though I don't know everything about him, but here's what I know about him...

Hirohisa Nakata prior to playing villain roles was the main protagonist in Captain Ultra.  This show lasted for 24 episodes only.  I haven't seen this show yet though.

He had guest roles in Kamen Rider like in Kamen Rider episode 24 and in Skyrider as Karate Master Ryoichi in episode nine.

In Kamen Rider Amazon, he played as the ruthless Emperor Zero of the Garanda Empire.

In Chodenshi Bioman he later played as the field commander Mason of the New Empire Gear.  As of late, he seems to be still close to the cast of Chodensi Bioman.  I guess he even attended the funerals of Yuko Asuka and Munemaru Kouda when they died.

As of late he has aged pretty well.  Hee hee, well too bad he didn't make any guest roles in Tokusatsu as a grandparent. =(


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