Tori Matsuzaka Pictures I Found as of August 10, 2013

Here's a couple of new Tori Matsuzaka photos I just found as of today.  He's still my favorite Shinkenger guy.  Enjoy!

He's got that happy charm...

Who's the lucky girl he's sharing chocolates with...

A movie with Hiroki Aiba

He just looks cool in that suit... I wonder who'll be the lucky girl?

He's really cool and hot!

So what's up with this?

Who's the lucky girl who's going to get those flowers?

Tori Matsuzaka as Saizo in Sanada.

Now he's allowed to be more baddass since it ain't Tokusatsu.

Girls gotta love that smile.

Tori Matsuzaka for Fineboys.

I wonder who's the girl he'll share that pizza with.

Coffee time!

Being funny.

Promoting Gatchaman movie.  Too bad he caught pneumonia.

Another drink...

Fancy wear he's got there.

He's a calendar boy!


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