Vicki Zhao as Hua Mulan

Okay I may have wanted either Liu Yi Fei or somebody younger to be Mulan but Vicki Zhao looks really young in this production.  What do I think of her as Mulan?  While I think she looks "too hot" for the role and her eyes are "too huge", but she does a very good job as Mulan.

I thought her interaction with Chen Kun was pretty good.  I thought that she knew how to play each moment from awkward to serious rather well.  The chemistry between the two managed to create a scene more intense than those of Disney's Mulan.  For me, she really knew how to act when the situation called for it. I just love her performance at the battlefield.  It's no surprise she can carry out Hua Mulan so well considering she's been doing action films prior to this.  Definitely she knows how to carry any legendary Chinese heroine mythical or not to life.


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