Kei Hosogai as Basco in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

Well I haven't done any new role analysis for now but I thought Kei Hosogai really deserves a spot here.  So okay maybe he's not really the next Daisuke Tachi or Rintaro Nishi in doing villain roles but he knows how to portray a psychopath villain.  No questions asked- he's been into J-Drama and he's not a newbie actor for Tokusatsu.  In fact, he's one year older than I am.

One of my favorite scenes involving this actor is when he shows the face of a sadistic bully who'll do anything to get what he wants.  In fact, I think whenever he is asked to portray somebody who is serious about killing somebody, I am convinced about it..  In fact, his scenes with Ryota Ozawa (who played as Captain Marvelous), the two really knew how to do the fight scenes well.  IMO he really has more experience than the rest of the Gokaiger team when it comes to acting.  Yup I really felt like he had the natural expression that made the character of Basco being a troll to the Gokaigers come to life.  Best scene?  I really enjoyed his performance when he showed how cruel his character can be in killing his own pet monkey Sally or two when he was challenging the Gokaigers for his final battle.

Plus I thought that maybe the whole Gokaiger cast must have looked up to him behind the scenes or two, he may have actually helped the Gokaigers behind the scenes improve their acting.  Regardless, I believe his presence in Gokaiger was a really pleasant thing. XD


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