My Thoughts on Toshihide Wakamatsu Joining the Cast of "Shougeki Gouraigan"

Hee hee, just never thought former Tokusatsu actor (and currently J-Drama actor) Toshihide Wakamatsu is joining in (but makes me sad he hasn't guest starred in more Tokusatsu series, I wanted him to guest star in Dekaranger as a police officer.  My thoughts?  It's not surprising he is appearing here provided that Toshiki Inoue is writing this J-Drama (something I'd like to see since Inoue likes a lot of drama plus he wrote Agito and Faiz which is an edge).  He acts as the company president who meets somebody who changes his life forever.  Just wondering if he's currently married. XP

Good thing that Junya Ikeda could read this.



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