Rin Takanashi for "Watashi no Hawaii no Arukikata"


Sounds like a cute movie to look forward to. Director Koji Maeda has been working on his latest film, Watashi no Hawaii no Arukikata (わたしのハワイの歩きかた), which stars Nana Eikura, Rin Takanashi, Koji Seto, and Ryo Kase. The film takes place in beautiful Hawaii, where the actors will be seen filming in some famous hotspots, such as Ala Moana Beach Park, Waikiki Beach, and St Andrew’s Cathedral. Nana Eikura will play the role of an upbeat 26-year-old magazine editor named Minori Oyamada, who goes on a day-to-day party spree in Hawaii. While in Hawaii, Minori meets Akane Yoshimura, (played by Rin Takanashi), who is a coordinator and goes to parties every night in search of a rich man to marry. Koji Seto plays a hard-working business man named Tsutomu Kamada, who is struggling to realize his dream. Ryo Kase’s role is Tomoya Abe, the free-spirited son of a millionaire with a liking for nature. While all of them are on their tropical spree, they meet and decide to travel around Hawaii together. Watashi no Hawaii no Arukikata began filming on September 10th and is scheduled to be released nation-wide in Japan in early summer of 2014.


Japanese Love will Be Brewing in Tropical Paradise


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