Takashi Ukaji's Role as Kousei Kougami in Kamen Rider OOO

Well here's my first time to write something about Takashi Ukaji as Kousei Kougami.  He did have a part as an ally in Ultraman Gaia (a series where Mr. Kazunori Inaba also made an appearance).  But I'll just talk about his part as Cake Boss and of course, I would say that he really made quite a performance in portraying some guy who's a cheapskate but at the same time, can be a nice person.  He does kinda look like Haim Saban in a way.

Well I would say that the actor himself knows how to be funny whenever it's needed for his role as Cake Boss.  My favorite is whenever he says "Subarashi" which is splendid in Japanese and "Happy Birthday" as part of his cake-making gag while maintaining some parts of his cheapskate persona.  Carrying out the role of the eccentric (and somewhat greedy) entrepreneur whose focus is the power of desire, in his character's case he seems to desire money a lot.


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