Tokusatsu Legend: Atsuko Takahata

Atsuko Takahata... perhaps what enters into our heads is, "That woman who played the mean bitch."  Yup, I've seen her two roles as Maribaron in Black RX and as Reiko in Janperson.  Her three major Tokusatsu roles were villains Space Witch Gilza (Juspion), Reiko Ayanakouji (Janperson) and Sorceress of State Maribaron (Black RX).  I haven't seen Juspion so I won't comment but on the other hand, I'd like to talk about two roles I've seen her so far in Tokusatsu...

The first role I saw her was the ruthless Maribaron, she really beats the American counterpart Jennifer Tung.  I just thought, every bit of her role as this scary sorceress with rather absurd plans to take over the world for the Crisis Empire, but still she really knows how to carry the role as a state sorceress with deceptive and manipulative tendencies at the same time, truly caring about her fellow officers.

The other role she later took was the criminal CEO as Reiko Ayanokouji the head of Super Science Network which I saw in Janperson.  Really, I think she's got one weird getup and really wicked plans, though we later realize she had noble goals but still a sadistic madwoman nonetheless.  Well remembering this role, she should have been Kaede Doumyoji for Hana Yori Dango instead of Kaga Mariko.  She knows how to be scary when needed!

Lately, she's been doing more J-Drama and hasn't appeared in Tokusatsu ever since.  But still, she pulls such memorable performances you can't deny she's a great actress!


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