Is the Korean Trend Overrated Already?

Actually do notice I'm not really that fond of Korean and as said, I don't always go with the trend like even if Power Rangers is more popular than Super Sentai, I'm still a bigger than of Super Sentai for both smart and silly reasons.  It's time I'll probably ramble on the Korean trend in celebrities...

Korean drama became a trend.  Filipinos were first introduced to Korean drama with Autumn in My Heart starring Song Hye Kyo and then came in drama like Hotelier, Attic Cat, the comedic Full House (which Song Hye Kyo had a very positive reception) and then we had others like Forbidden Love, City Hunter and IRIS among action shows.  Well Korean storm came to Asia and Song Hye Kyo was a real looker.

Just my thought Korean beauty can be very overrated.  I would admit I've met a couple of Korean girls and I'm seeing more pretty girls among Chinese and Japanese, then again that is solely my opinion.  Some Korean beauties that stood out are Song Hye Kyo and Kim Tae Hee who I hope will get married soon.  Although I wasn't crazy about Korean stuff, I did enjoy some of them but hey, I wasn't so crazy about it.  One thing I realized was that how many Korean women are actually plastic beauties and sooner or later, it shows that most of them are through surgical enhancements which I don't like.

There's no doubt that the KPop industry has defeated the CPop and JPop industry.  In fact, Rina Aizawa is a fan of Shinee which I am not.  Also Rain is very much a phenomenon.  He starred alongside Song Hye Kyo in Full House and he also worked with Jerry Yan and Jolin Tsai in a Pepsi ad.  Later he got into Hollywood for Ninja Assassin.  However it seems people have already forgotten about Chinese and Japanese stuff whenever Korean actors are on the spotlight.  KPop can be good but it is NOT always the best type of music there is.  Get real!

So pretty much, while I am against unfair biases against Korean entertainment, I do not however encoruage overrating it.


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