More on Rin Takanashi Starring in Killers... My Thoughts!

Well it's something to realize that Killers is actually a Japanese/Indonesian collaboration and I wonder how many Indonesians who are fans of anything Japanese (and I'm not limiting to fans of Anime or Japanese Tokusatsu) are happy about this.  I haven't been familiar with Indonesian entertainment at all and only knew Bimu Garuda by name but never saw it (SAD, tears).  So looks like this will be an R-rated film so I don't know at what direction Rin Takanashi will have in this one.  So far this film will be a conflict between a Japanese killer and an Indonesian man and I believe this will be an R-rated film considering the amount of violence this film has shown even in the extras.  

Surprised?  Not really considering these events whether coincidences or not:

Former Power Rangers actress Amy Jo Johnson had played in a couple of mature films like Infested and Islander (though she didn't go full frontal) and later a serious series called Flashpoint which is not for children.  Although she reappeared in Power Rangers Turbo but gone were the days of being sweet Kimberly, she had actually taken more serious roles. The series Flashpoint wasn't a kid's show, it was a more mature show for grown-ups while doing moderately daring scenes.  Other Tokusatsu heroines who did mature rules later are one was Catherine Sutherland (after she left Turbo), Naomi Morinaga (from Shaider as Annie and in Sharivan as Helen/Hellvira, she did go full frontal), Mina Asami (Princess Ial and "Prince" Igam from Maskman who had a guest role in Flashman), Yuria Haga (who had her heroine roles in Kamen Rider Kiva and Kamen Rider Faiz, who did some really steamy scenes in Red x White), Ayumi Kinoshita (Nu Meri which was R-rated for its gore, Peeping Tom) and lately Ciara Hanna (Power Rangers Megaforce, she must have left Nickelodeon now or has graduated) has filmed what could be an R-rated film called Pernicious.  


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