My Reaction to Hiroshi Fujioka and Ryo Hanami That They Will Reprise Their Classic Roles

Well this is really some good news for those who grew up watching Kamen Rider.  I mean this would be something for those whose parents were Tokusatsu fans.  Surprised?  Not really.  After all, when Arnold Schwarzenegger was confirmed that he will return as a much older Conan, there's no reason why these guys can't return as a much older version of their classic roles.  I'm not surprised either that some former Tokusatsu actors would reprise their roles again if Kento Handa will appear in yet another Shinichiro Shirakura as producer and to be written yet again by "Patrick Star" which I am pretty mixed considering Super Hero Taisen and Super Hero Taisen Z are bad. =P

Hiroshi Fujioka- He did make a cameo in Kamen Rider Agito's movie and has appeared in some fan events every now and then, even sang the Kamen Rider 1 theme song in his old age.  Yeah I know we won't see Stronger's actor reprise his role due to his death but here we have a veteran actor returning to do the role that launched him into stardom.

Ryo Hanami- I haven't seen Kamen Rider X but I guess a lot of people are willing to see him again.

So yeah I hope this "Patrick Star" movie won't waste these guys or disappoint the parents of 90s kids who watched Kamen Rider as a kid.


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