Hikaru Kurosaki in Episodes 35-36 of Bioman

Before Hikaru Kurosaki became his iconic role Juspion, he was cast in Bioman episodes 35-36 as Shota Yamamori who wanted to join the Biomen but was refused because he didn't have any bio particles in him.  Also in there, he met his future wife the late Yuko Asuka who acted as Farrah in that series.  It's no surprise he became Juspion's human identity considering his martial arts prowess in those two episodes is freaking awesome!

In episode 36, after his character Shota was refused because he didn't have bio particles, Farrah tricked him into becoming the Magne Warrior to defeat the Biomen.  I guess this was all a test to try out the formula for Juspion where he is the main hero.

Later he did retire from show business and ran a diving business with his wife Yuko Asuka but too bad she had left him for the afterlife so soon when she died.


  1. Kurosaki-san was Sonny Chiba's top JAC 3 entertainer along with Junya Tagaki and future star Henry Sanada. The three where like a teen heart throb idols. But with time the novelty soon weared off. Kurosaki soon found success doing other things and Jaspion would be it. He and his wife left show biz to open up a scuba shop in Okinawa. The two never returned to the limelight. Sadly his wife did not leave him but died of cancer!!!! Their loved survived the times until death separated the marriage.


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