So Kei Hosogai Wants to Watch Power Rangers Super Megaforce?

Just from Orends Range, we have Kei Hosogai wanting to see Power Rangers Super Megaforce.  Was just giving this a thought or so... whether they'll say it's remake or adaptation is not the issue, Toei is not against Power Rangers because it's still part of its list of shows.  While you can't have Power Rangers in Super Hero Taisen series (to avoid confusion issues).  I sense they might say somebody hacked it, traitor, etc.  So what's my ultimate reaction?

You could still consider this event that proves all the Super Sentai/Power Rangers fan wars is useless.  In fact, why do those Sentards still insist that Power Rangers is bootleg?  A lot of their arguments just don't make sense.  Just because Power Rangers feels "inferior" doesn't mean it's bootleg.  Really have they even studied the basic terms?  In fact, that hate fic Gokaiger vs. Samurai was just driving nothing more than another hate campaign to remove Power Rangers from the face of the Earth.  Sentai fantards should stop being fantards and be true fans instead, find better ways to promote Sentai than spread the lie that Power Rangers is bootleg!

In fact, I even had to write that episode in my M-rated fic Super Sentai x Nickelodeon called "Delusional Bootleg" aside from the fact that Basco in that same fic "corrupted" the Shinkengers into the PowerFUL Rangers Samurai to which Gai Ikari reveals the former is guilty of copyright infringement, yet defends Power Rangers as legitimate to address the issues.  Besides, if they read the beginning or ending credits, TOEI appears there and even if the shows were not always acknowledged, it still has Toei's license.  So really what's the huge issue?


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