Another Great Classical Taiwanese Singer: Cai Qin

I haven't really known much of Cai Qin (she kinda looks like the the mother of President Nobita, the late Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino here) since my first Chinese music to listen to was F4 from their second album "Can't Lose You".  But no harm in backtracking right?  Aside from Teresa Teng, I did eventually fall in love with the music of Cai Qin and yeah, I hated to think her marriage went into a mess on 1995 and it ended.  Good thing she was strong despite that tragedy in her life.

Now I thought for Cai Qin, her voice is classic and I won't mind if she would sing any contemporary introduction.  Although I'm a bigger fan of the classical Koo Mei's version of "Bu Liao Qing" or "Love without End" but Cai Qin still does a splendid job in her singing.  So pretty much, I have only heard a few of Cai Qin's songs but I want to hear more of her songs due to her rich voice.  So really, if she really sang the theme song of "Last Night of Madame Chin" for both 1984 movie and the drama version (starring occasional Qiong Yao star Fan Bingbing and Vic Chou), I really think she did considering the quality of her voice.

So what modern drama opening or ending song should she sing next?


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