The Interaction of Tori Matsuzaka and Rin Takanashi in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

So I do like all the Shinkenger cast but two among them had been named among my favorites.  One is the leading guy Tori Matsuzaka and the other is Rin Takanashi.  I made two separate entries for them based on their cast members as Takeru Shiba and Mako Shiraishi, I'll talk about their interactions.  Although I was slightly disappointed they weren't officially a couple in the show, but I still can't deny the charm in their interaction.

Now to focus on the character that is Mako Shiraishi and her role to Takeru Shiba.  The role of Mako is where she is the only character among the vassals who realizes Takeru is hiding something.  She has her "motherly instinct" towards him.  Rin Takanashi carries out that part of understanding Takeru pretty well.  For Tori Matsuzaka sure it was just his starting role but even at the start, he does a convincing job to which he just got better.  Takeru is hiding something from the Shinkengers and Tori Matsuzaka really does a good job in that hiding thing, I mean even he had me fooled! XD

I just thought things got better for the charm of the two actors in episode 39.  While Rin Takanashi was able to improve in the episode where Mako's father arrives, her interaction with Tori Matsuzaka also manages to show its charm in episode 39.  I mean, it's that episode where Mako figures out Takeru is hiding something, she comes to his aide in return.  I really loved how the two portrayed that part where Takeru gets overly emotional as well.  Just loved how the two carried out their parts in this episode.  This charm really got carried over even during the crossover specials and the finale.


  1. I love takeru and Mako and I think takeru and kotoha are like brother and sister and takeru and mako are a couple. It's was mostly told that takeru and mako are dating in real life.


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